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The Cultural Evolutions in Music from the Colonial Period to WWI

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Music Changed from Baroque style to modern style. It told stories of the time it was written in, and how the people felt that wrote it in the time. In the Baroque period, it was mostly church music.  In the Classical period, it opened up to new ways of dealing with music more operas more large concerts’ and instrumentals. In the romantic period, we notice a change again in the way that the music was written, it was written to make one feel extreme. The Romantic music attempted to increase emotional expression of that time. Now with the Modern music, in of 1900 to 1919, there were many different f things happing in the world that came out in the way music was written. The fact that United States was now the leader in the world and that we were going through unrest and hunger and leading up to the WWI. All these things changed how music was seen, with songs like on Sunday Afternoon 1901 and I’m  a Yankee Doddle Dandy 1904 by George M Cohan and wars songs like Over There by George M Cohan in 1917. Our music changed as we did so when things were going good the music reflected it and when things were not going as well the music reflected that as well.  Music has had a great influence on how we see ourselves and how we see our world.  From peace to war, from poverty to surplus being able to work and make our world better.  This is all reflected in the music of the world and how the composer wrote what they felt and what they saw.

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The Cultural Evolutions in Music from the Colonial Period to WWI
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