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A civilization that has shaped a world history but only lasted from the second century B.C. until 476 A.D. It extended its political control over all of Italy and eventually created an empire that stretched from England to North Africa and from the Atlantic Ocean to Arabia. The remains of vast building projects, roads, bridges, enormous baths, aqueducts, temples and theaters, as well as entire towns throughout the Mediterranean still mark the size of its vast empire. Their language, Latin, gave rise to languages spoken by a billion people in the world today and they developed a legal system that remains the basis of modern law. Modern political ideas such as senators, bicameral legislatures, judges, and juries are all adapted from the system. The founders of the American government looked to this Republic (later ruled by the “Caesars” as monarchs) as a model. This empire (or at least the western half) finally fell to barbarian invasion in 476 A.D.

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