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U.S. History Timeline 3

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 My third Nine Weeks timeline.


Oklahoma Land Rush

The Oklahoma land Rush began with a bugle that roused hundreds of throats to bellow in reply. The land had ounce belonged to the Creek and Seminole Indians, but they were not to be seen on the plain. Instead, the area soon became a crowd of tents and then a bustling city. But for now, it was a race to get a slice of the land. People darted about like bees, seeming to hum and buzz with energy. By night, a thousand and more glittered on the plain like a shifting cloud of fireflies. It looked like a vast band of outcasts, but would instead became the founders of the city known as Guthrie.


Land Ordinance of 1785

 Between the states, land disputes were a constant and ongoing affair. This led to the creation of ordinances. The new creation of states and settlement were set for this standards. Six hundred forty acres were set aside for the future sites of townships. The central government, who needed to raise money, labeled these tracts for sale. Revolutionary War veterans, however, were given four exclusive sections and a section for a public school.

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U.S. History Timeline 3
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