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Harmonic Sciences

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A very brief - and not yet finished - introduction to the major figures in the history of the harmonic sciences with a focus on music. 
Central quotes, images, videos and links.


And if you tell me music is composed on the basis of proportion, you will see that I have utilized the same proportions in my paintings."

Leonardo da Vinci: Buch von der Malerei, edited by H. Ludwig. No. 31 [34]. 


Obviously the real pioneers of harmonic sciences are to be found in ancient cultures all over the world and their number is legion. It would not be wise to underestimate the role of Pythagoras but he has many, many peers.

Harmonic sciences cover the classical quadrivium: music, geometry, arithmetic and astronomy (spatial geometry) and come to expression through the language of ratios and proportions between natural numbers.  

Many important contributors to tuning theory - among them several Chinese, Indian, Arabian and Persian - have here been omitted in case the creator of the timeline hasn't found  evidence for their contribution to the bridging to other areas within this field.

On the other hand some figures have been included even though they strictly speaking didn't or don't have a  harmonic or scientific approach, but in their research have been important for the understanding of the fields of the harmonic sciences.

The timeline only consists of individuals, but here attention should also be called to various networks, publishers etc.:


- Overtone Music Network

- Keplerstern (Hartmut Warm)

-  Wooden Books


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Harmonic Sciences
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